About Chat Now

Chat Now allows you to build a professional, simple and fast personal relationship with your customers. With Chat Now you will provide your customers a memorable service experience.

Chat Now Services

Customized Chats & Widgets

Customized chat system to your site's colors and themes

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Real Time Muliple Chats

You can have a conversation with multiple users simultaneously

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Email Chat Transcripts

Chat transcript processing capability directly to your mail address

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Multilingual Translation

A System that supports a variety of languages

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GEO & Browser Visitor Information

Technical analysis capability for all your website visitors: geographical location, browser type, device type, IP address

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Website Analytics

The ability to obtain information about your site. How many people came to your site? How they came to your site? What are the most common search terms site?

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Pricing list

Cost Free $9.9 $19.99
Agents 1 3 Unlimited
Agents Departments 1 3 Unlimited
Chat History 14 days 1 month Unlimited
Email reports
Chat Analytics
Agent Analytics
Auto Email forwarding
Agents chats transfer
Transfer files
Track visitor path
Management Dashboard
Operating Hours 24/7 24/7 24/7
Visual and sound alerts
Visitor profiles & Custom notes
Multilingual Translation
Visitor and IP banning
2048-Bit SSL encryption
ChatNow support 24/7 24/7 24/7
Install assistance

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